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Remote Desktop on Windows 11 with Microsoft Account MFA

Blog November 2, 2021 Nam Le 0

This is the guide to use Remote Desktop on Windows 11 Pro with Microsoft Account logged in and enabled MFA.

Remote Dektop - NREADY.NET

On Windows 11 Pro (also Windows 11 Pro), If the user has signed in to Microsoft Account and enabled MFA, so the Local Account password is swept out once switching to Microsoft Account and we cannot using the Local Account password anymore.

So how can we use the Remote Desktop to remote to that computer? Tried the Local password or Microsoft Account password but cannot to connect?

The fact that, It’s still worked but seem there are some issues with this new OS, so we have to do some tricks.

Let’s say:

  • namle-zenbook: the remote computer
  • namle-az: the Local Account username on the remote computer
  • le***@li**.com: the Microsoft Account username on the remote computer
  1. Enable Remote Desktop on the Computer that you want to remote.

Remote Dektop - NREADY.NET

  1. On that remote computer, Run the following command in the Run…
    runas /u:MicrosoftAccount\[email protected] cmd.exe


  1. A Command Prompt will be shown, type your current Microsoft Account password and enter.

Remote Dektop - NREADY.NET

Now, you can connect to that computer via Remote Desktop.

We can use both Local Account user (ex: namle-az) and Microsoft Account username (ex: le***@li**.com), with password is the current Microsoft Account password.

Remote Dektop - NREADY.NET

Nam Le,
Personal experiment,

Nam Le

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