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Sencha Extjs: Solution for Ext.grid.Tree with locked column?

Blog October 19, 2021 0

Solution for Ext.grid.Tree to support the locked colomun (freeze column) in Sencha Extjs 7 Modern toolkit?
Nam Le

While working with Sencha Extjs, in your application, you have a component that is Ext.grid.Tree and the TreeStore, you want to make the first column/ or some columns locked (like freeze collumn) but the Ext.grid.Tree is not supported the locked colomun. You don’t want to change to another component like Ext.grid.locked.Grid or switch to the Classic toolkit because it impacted to the whole design and the functionalities.

Here is my fiddle you can give a try in this case, locked column did not work.

So, the solution? I have asked here but no one has the solution excepts advice me switching to the Classic toolkit.

My solution is so simple, just create 2 grid, the first as the locked column, the second will contain all the remaining column. Implementation the scroll to make 2 grids scrolling cconsistently toghether. I will update the fiddle later.

  • Extjs 7.0.0 Modern toolkit

-Nam Le,

Nam Le

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