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Slide Django introduction

Blog September 29, 2021 0

The version in the slide was 2.2.7 and the latest Django version now is 3.2.7 (on Sep 2021), but the concept is the same 🙂


On May 2019, I had involved to a project hand-over from onshore team, one year was the period time for maintenance the whole project. This project is used by inconnectedmarketing for calculate the tactics and budgets for their campaigns in marketing.

The project were used Django REST Framework ad Back-end side and Reactjs as Front-end side.
The SCIP was used in the Back-end side to solve the math for the best optimization.

An Introduction

Yes, this was my sharing an introduction about Django since October 2019 I self-studied this web framework and for maintenance this project. There are a lot of parts behind, so I will share later when I have more free time.

You can read the slide online here:

You can download from my OneDrive

Nam Le,

Nam Le

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