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Tài liệu phân tích thiêt kế hướng đối tượng UML

10cth1-2 January 31, 2013 0

eStoreRDA Sample Application MSWordV1_1_3rd
Presentation (Lesson 1_RUP Introduction.ppt, Lesson 2- UML Notation.ppt, Lesson 3 -Concepts of Object- Orientation.ppt, Lesson 4-Requirements Overview.ppt, Lesson 5-Analysis and Design Overview.ppt, Lesson 6-Use-Case Analysis.ppt, Lesson 7- Identify Design Elements.ppt, Lesson 8- Class Design.ppt)
case study- ABC.doc
case study -sky door.doc
Case Study_phan mem quan tri nhan su.doc
De cuong phan tich thiet ke huong doi tuong.doc
Do An Mau.doc
Sun OO-226 Object-Oriented Application Analysis and Design for Java Technology (UML).pdf

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