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thong bao den tat ca cac ban 10cth01&10cth02@@!?

10cth1-2 October 25, 2010 4

minh mong cac ban nen nang dong hon trong hoc tap cung nhu trong cac hoat dong cua truong. co vay  chung ta se chung chac hon va truong thanh hon. Hoi sang tiet toan b1, cac ban bo ra ngoai nhu vay la vo le lam do,lam nhu vay la khong dung voi thai do va phong cach cua sinh vien truong[emot]ok[/emot]  dai hoc dau.cac ban nen suy nghi ve nhung viec minh noi nha!!!

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4 responds

  1. Vo danh says:

    noi hay

  2. ngujenhuy says:

    noi dung roi do',ton trong nguoi khac cung nhu ton trong minh thoi.

  3. skynet says:


  4. le.qnam says:

    Điêu Lộc có tham gia Hiến máu ko ne: Coi thông báo nè

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